FTMH company profile

FTMH was founded in April 2014 and it is located in a modern and efficient workshop at Brescello in the surrounding of Parma (Italy).

In recent years the FTMH team worked hard to set up a range of new Liftrucks that includes:

  • General Cargo Forklift with capacities from 25 ton upwards;
  • Empty Container Handling Liftrucks, 6-7-8 high, single or double box;
  • Reach Stackers for empty and laden containers;

The different models of Liftrucks are built in well organized buildings, where the concept of production modularity, flexibility and agility have been successfully implemented from the beginning. Each of these machines can be dressed in many different configurations, always perfectly set up and managed by a great team of excellent, skilled and professional engineers and workers. With decades-long experience (many of the company’s technicians used to work for Fantuzzi Group), these are the people who in such a short time have taken FTMH to be a prime brand of Container Handling Liftrucks, General Cargo Forklifts and customized attachments for previously listed machines that allow to go beyond what is an underworld of standarized products.

Brilliant and active management style, fast decision making, total dedication to the customer, exceptional working environment and deep incessant efforts for continuous improvement and innovation. This is the FTMH business philosophy and the reason of its success and recognition at the four corners of the world.

Furthermore, FTMH guarantees reliability, continuity in the manufacturing and transport processes to drive down costs, as well as easy spare parts availability and maintenance thanks to a 100% Italian production with EU/US components. It must be clear that service or after sales support cannot only be seen as guarantee of machine reliability. It must also be a guarantee of the productivity demanded by the client. With this objective in mind the customer can have various alternative solutions or suppliers and it is only by providing this reliability and productivity the customer confidence and satisfaction is achieved, it is the means wherely they remain FTMH customers.


Our technicians have a proved experience (between 10 and 40 years) in the manufacturing and repairing of great size operating machinery such as Reach Stackers as well as front and side forklifts.

Besides having fulfilled a lot of charges responsibility, our technicians have been trained and kept updated on the state of the art technologies, they are therefore ready to satisfy the challenges of the market.

Their competence and experience are transferred in the manufacturing process of the FTM machinery and the results can be easily seen in our factories.


Besides providing a servicing net on the spot, our technicians are ready to be present anywhere in the world. Thanks to their vocational ability they are very often requested by customers for their technical assistance which is fast and decisive.


A well equipped stock of spare parts together with a range of simple and precise catalogues help our technicians to support our customers with their problems. Thanks to their knowledge of the products , problems are often solved with a phone call avoiding costs and machines stop.