No matter the situation, FTMH does not give up. We are operational!

Dear Supplier,

On the 8th of March the Italian Government imposed further restrictions in order to contain and limit the COVID-19 diffusion.

NOTES in clarification and interpretation of this Decree, however, specify that: 

“Production activities and the movement of people for working reasons, including the journey from home to work, are also allowed from, to and within the RED AREAS. The restrictions introduced today do not prohibit movement for proven working reasons […], workers are therefore allowed to enter and leave these areas in order to reach their place of work and return home […]. ” 

“Goods can enter and leave the affected areas. The activity of transport operators is a working requirement: the driving personnel can therefore enter and leave these areas and move within them, limited to the needs of delivery or collection of the goods “. 



On this behalf, we invite you to continue your business on a regular basis and without interruption, guaranteeing the continuity of the service.

In fact, FTMH SPA is currently fully operational and there have not been registered any cancellations of orders.

FTMH SPA specifies that it has already adopted an extraordinary health protocol as a precautionary measure containing precise prevention measures within its offices and production plants and that it is implementing all the preventive provisions prescribed by the health authorities in full compliance with government directives to protect employees and visitors all.

FTMH SPA will continue to monitor the situation and to follow the recommendations and guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO) by putting in place all the necessary preventive or precautionary actions.